Alone... A song dedicated to W. Axl Rose

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(piano intro)

I just don't know
What to do with my time
tryin' to find the right words
ain't a crime

Well I got all the time
in the world
but in here
it's so lonely and cold

(guitar solo)

I feel the winter
When itís only june
And the nights pass me by
With no moon

It's only me tryin'
To rescue the day
Just one thing
Havenít found yet the way

(change of music)


We know that in between us
There is an endless war
Cause every time I give it up
You come and ask for more

(back to original melody)

I'm still here
tryin' to keep up with you
Dirty job but that's what
I should do

Steady hands wipping
Tears from my face
Love you still
But that's hardly the case

(Guitar solo)

I'm betrayed
by my thoughts for once more
Gotta find my way back
to the shore

Wrong or right
None of this shit is real
In my heart
No-one knows how I feel

(change of music)

And every time I see you
My soul's an open door
But as I try to close it
You always ask for more

(back to original melody)

Look around
Tell me what can you see
Please don't cry
If you'll only find me

All alone
In this huge noisy crowd
I'm tryin' to scream
But the music's too loud

(total change of melody with guitar solos)

Sometimes it's easy to forget
But there are times you can't let go
You never know what to expect
And only time will tell you so

And then this woman comes along
And helps you find your way back home
but home is where you've always been
and where you've always been you were alone.

(piano outro)

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